About us

Livith has a natural inclination towards challenges.

For this reason, we want to transform the fall protection sector into a high-tech sector by bringing targeted and conscious innovations.

Livith S.p.A. was established in 2014 with the goal of making high-risk workplaces safe. In a short time, we have become leaders in the sector. Everything related to the safety of an operator, whether working at height or in places where safe entry and exit are compromised, is our work environment.

People, talent, and innovation are the three qualities that distinguish us. Livith S.p.A is made up of a team of technicians who constantly collaborate to research, study, design, and create cutting-edge devices for work at height and in confined spaces. Our main goal is to understand the needs of our clients and produce innovative, functional, and high-quality devices and systems, following all the regulations that govern our sector.

We specialize in the design and production of anchoring devices, lifelines, harnesses, connecting devices, as well as collective protection devices such as guardrails, and access and transit devices such as ladders and walkways. Our core business also includes the design, production, and distribution of devices for rescue in confined spaces (e.g., tanks, silos, or ventilation ducts) such as tripods and small cranes.

Innovation begins with the 3D prototyping of the product to evaluate its performance, design, and application from all angles before moving on to the subsequent steps of testing, certification, and production, all carried out in our specifically designed test areas of over 1000 square meters to create an optimal device.